Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another great day down undah

We started this day with a trip to church.  As usual we tried our best to get there in time, but we ended up being fashionably late.

We met new faces and made a few more friends.

After church we joined the guys in a volleyball game at Floreat beach.  I took along my new barbeque trolley – a little trolley containing an icebox, and extra containers and stuff.  In stead of dragging along hundreds of loose items for picnics and barbies, I decided to set up this contraption and wheelie all my stuff along. 

It worked really well.  Much better than our backpacks and other items that we had to carry around Kings Park on Tuesday.

IMG_5745After playing 5 games of volleyball my body was screaming to get out of the sun and into the Indian ocean.  This was our next stop, and was a good experience.  The waves at Floreat are really big, and I was awfully tired after swimming for a few minutes.

We moved over to the cafe and drank a few cold drinks before taking the road back home.  By this time it was already after five in the afternoon.  On the way home we stopped at the drive-through at  “old McDonalds”, as my youngest calls it, and bought cheap 50c ice creams for everyone.

From here it was time for a quick stop at the petrol station where I filled up our thirsty Kia.

Finally arriving home, we heated up some of this afternoon’s leftover boerewors and lamb chops and had a quick dinner.

By this time I realised that the Men’s Final was on and I switched on the telly to watch Federer and Murray slug it out in Melbourne.

I also painfully realised that I’m forty years old, and my body does not respond well to strenuous exercise without a regular fitness program.  I need to get this old meat-box in shape.  (Although there may be more fat than meat at this stage…)

I still have sand from the beach firmly lodged in every possible body cavity and the top of my head feels like a sand dune.  I may also have a reddish look tomorrow, as I neglected to execute the slip-slop-slap routine and decided to take on the WA sun without any sunscreen on my body.

What a great day.  Weekends are the best!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

OK, so that was nothing

Yesterday was a really cool day, compared to today's maximum of 44.1 degrees in the Northern suburbs.  (And this is Celsius, not Fahrenheit.)

I am growing quite fond of these warmish temperatures, and I’m quite upset by the fact that tomorrow’s prediction turns out to be a measly 37 degrees.  Just when I started having fun in the sun.

We headed to the beach after work, and had another lovely evening out until after eight.

Fortunately I spent my whole day in the office, and didn’t really feel the heat until I left the air-conditioned office this afternoon.  Praise God for air conditioners.

New Picture (3)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is it just me, or was it a little warm today?

Today's prediction informed us that we could expect a slightly warmer day than usual, with a maximum temperature of 41°C.  Later during the day, the weather website reading was as follows:

New Picture

We went to the beach this afternoon, and stayed until after eight when the sun was down.  It was awesome.  One of my friends hit his head on the ground when a wave threw him around, and he just kept on swimming as if nothing happened, with blood pouring out of his head.  Everyone was looking at this guy with big eyes, and he was just smiling with the blood streaming down his face.

At one stage I began wondering if the sharks were going to surround us to finish him off...

At 8h30 pm the weather looked like this:


Tomorrow is going to be another big one…