Saturday, September 27, 2008

The first blog entry

I have created this blog to tell my story. I have writtten a lot of stuff in my native tongue (Afrikaans), but as I have so many fans and admirers from all over the world, I was requested to start writing in English.

This is my story. I am not discussing the history leading to my move to Perth. I am just telling you about my experience since I left the shores of Africa and entered the land of opportunity.

This is my story, the way I live it, the way I experience it. I am sharing my experience with you. If you like it, please come here and visit often. If you don't like it, well, get a move on then, mate!
I hope all this work will be worth the effort.

See ya later!

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Past and Present said...

Hello Mensies,
Dis lekker in OZ ne' ... Welcome and it's good to see your settling in well. Never been to Perth but would love to oneday. But we lived in SWA (Tsumbe en Windhoek) and fished at mile 100 en pippies uit gehaal by Paaltjies. Kom kuier bietjie by my blog ok.
Groete Rina