Sunday, November 2, 2008

What happens when you shop on the verge

So, here I was doing the Aussie-thing, and collecting stuff off the verge. It feels really creepy - you drive around, and when you see a heap of nice stuff you stop and check it out. The mental picture of a dirty Nama scouring through your garbage bin in Windhoek suddenly comes to mind, and you feel really creepy. Then, you think with your brains again, and just go ahead and do the Verge-collection thing with pride.

To my defence, I can also add that my container, (that was supposed to land at Fremantle on 2 October), has still not entered the harbour, and my hired furniture was paid for by my company for one month. Now I need stuff until my container arrives.

I picked up tons of stuff. Coffee-table, TV sets, study desk, chairs and tables, bikes for little Anica, an ironing board - the list goes on and on.

But here comes the creepy part. We were in need of a garbage bin for the kitchen. And there I saw a nice one, standing on the verge. It looked great, and only had a little bit of junk in the bottom. I grabbed it, brought it home, and started cleaning it out. It wasn't too dirty, and was in great condition. But what I found inside was what bothered me. It was this:

See what I mean? Some criminal owned this garbage bin, and now I got that from the verge - me, a stand-up guy with no criminal record, never done nothing wrong - and I get a second-hand garbage bin from a criminal. Eish.

That's what happens if you shop on the verge. You have to learn to live with it. Don't tell my mom...

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