Sunday, December 28, 2008

One Thousand happy customers

It's nearly the end of 2008. Time really flies. And so have I.

I started this blog on 27 September, after my family and I landed in Australia. We landed here on 18 September, with 6 large suitcases and a credit card loaded with some of the funds that resulted from the sale of our house in Namibia. (Or “Nambaboonia”, as I lovingly refer to it at times...)

In the meanwhile, two of my three vehicles in Namibia have been sold. The third one is still standing with a Used Car salesman in Windhoek. (Or is that useless...?)

Fortunately we had enough funds to survive the first few weeks, and after I started working, we have never really had problems with money. We are renting a house, and at the end of January we will be moving to another house closer to the school, and closer to the CBD.

I have not yet considered buying a house, as I first want to apply for Permanent Residence. At the moment I am here on a so-called 457 working visa, which means that as long as I still have my job, we can stay here for four years.

I want to stay for longer than that, and intend to become a citizen of this great country. At the moment I am still a supporter of the Springboks and the Proteas, but once I am an official citizen, I wil reconsider this issue.

Anyway, that was just some background information for all the new faces that I see hanging around here.

What I actually wanted to say was that within 3 months, I already have reached a visitors total of 1000. Where all these people come from, and how they got here, I don’t know. But, I wish you all a wonderful 2009.

Hopefully you’ll start to send me money for every time you read posts here. Won’t that be great?

Thanks for checking out my site and for reading all my nonsense.

As they say Down Under: “See ya later”...

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