Monday, May 18, 2009

NO to Daylight savings

Thank goodness, the result of this referendum was a resounding NO from sandgropers all over the state.

Now, to illustrate to you what politics is like in WA, see this reaction:

Reacting to claims by a voter that she would leave WA if daylight saving did not become a permanent way of life in WA, Mr Barnett said: "I think they need to get a life and not be so serious about it."

Hannah Muirhead, 27, said yesterday she and her partner James Davidson would leave WA if daylight saving was not introduced on a permanent basis.

"We won't want to live here. We won't want to bring up our children here," she said.

Can you believe this? Some of us moved thousands of kilometers away from our families and friends, because of serious issues in our home countries. Issues like:

Violent crime
Incompetent governments
Decaying infrastructure

...and so the list goes on.

I know people from SriLanka who fled for their lives. I know people from Zimbabwe who were forced off their land. Just the other day, the Australian navy had captured boatloads of illegal immigrants on their way to Koalaland.

I can tell many stories about immigrants who moved here in search of a better future. And a better future it is, indeed.

But for local people, who were born in this place, the great WA lifestyle sometimes has no meaning. They would rather leave this great state because of a stupid thing like daylight savings.

There's no place else that I'd rather bring up my kids.

I agree with Premier Colin Barnett - get a life, Hannah. Please.

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Crusty said...

I think you underestimate how irritating the loss of daylight savings can be to some people's lifestyles. For many people a 5 am sunrise and 7:10 pm sunset during summer is so annoying and such a waste of daylight! Especially if you are forced to work til 5:30pm. It really limits the opportunities to go outside and do things.
But this isn't a once off either. West Aussies voting down extended trading hours was another bizarre episode, yet excrutiating for some people who live here. This state is backwards in alot of ways.
The icing on the cake for me is the liquor licensing laws which prevent a person from enjoying a beer on a Sunday afternoon unless you purchase a meal. Nanny state with a capital "N".
I don't blame people for leaving. The thought has crossed my mind.