Saturday, August 29, 2009

Red Rooster

One of the things typical Australian is a franchise called Red Rooster. It's a chicken setup, similar to KFC.

They had an advert about this Aussie bloke who was walking around New York, asking everyone where the "Red Roostah" was. The yankees had no idea what he was talking about.

It's become one of my favourite Aussie things. They offer a nice "Real Bacon Burger", with only a chicken fillet, bacon and some lettuce on the bun. No tamatoes, no ghurkins, nothing else that I'd normally have to scrape off just to get a taste of the good stuff. Perfect.

The Drive-thru take-aways concept is "very big" around here.

I cannot remember that we had one single drive-through outlet in the whole of Namibia. We Biltongboertjies are therefore quite amazed and wide-eyed at this whole concept, and it has taken me quite a while to get used to the idea of driving up to a speaker and ordering stuff from someone I can't see.

Fortunately I've driven around with a few other blokes who seem to do this on a daily basis, and I finally built up the courage to try this out all by myself, especially after my son said "oh, we'll just take the drive-thru", when we were in a hurry on the way home after his soccer match.

We used to go to Cape Town during December holidays, and that was where my son learnt all about the Big Yellow M. I always had to take him there for an ice cream and some time to play in the play pen. It was a big treat for us common country folks.

Now that we have plenty of these Big Yellow M's all around, it's not an issue any more. But my son has developed my taste for Real Bacon burgers at the Red Rooster, and it's really hard to resist the temptation now and then.

Before you run off and become an obese over-indulgent couch potato, remember I said "every now and then" - not every day. Even I know it's a bad idea to make a habit of ordering fast food from a speaker on the way home.

But if you do, make sure you try out the Real Bacon Burger at the Red Roostah.

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SA Expats said...

Lol! Nice. They don't serve bacon here in the Middle East on burgers. That sucks. We do have a lot of drive thru's thow. :)