Sunday, September 27, 2009

“I only know revolution, …”

I promised not to use this blog to highlight the baboonistic regime in Southern Africa, but I just can’t keep my big mouth shut.

My readers from southern Africa will know what this is about, but to help those other readers, who are mainly Australians, here’s a little background to explain some of the reasons why I left that swine-infested cess-pool and decided to move my whole family to another continent and adopt a new culture.

This bloke, called Julius, is president of the ANC Youth league in South Africa. This nut does not even fill an official government position, he is just the president of the youth league of a political party. But don’t underestimate the power someone in this position has – it’s similar to the power the political officers had in Soviet Russia.

This guy is well-known for his revolutionary outlook and his hate-filled statements:

“Let me tell you my friend, I have defeated you and your apartheid regime and I'm going to defeat you again, once and for all!"

“All of you combined, you can't do anything. You are wasting your time."

“I am a child of heroes and heroines of the struggle. I am not a child of cowards and oppressors. I am not a child of an imperialist. I have defeated colonisers. I am going to defeat the children of colonisers.”

"Let us make it clear now: we are prepared to die for Zuma. Not only that, we are prepared to take up arms and kill for Zuma."

This bloke was born in 1981. When he was 13 years old (in 1994) South Africa was turned into a “peaceful democratic rainbow-nation”, and apartheid was abolished. When did he fight the apartheid regime, I wonder?

This dunce finished high school at the formidable age of 21, and received marks that would make even the dumbest kid in Australia look like a genius.

According to Wikipedia, “Malema told students at Walter Sisulu University, in East London, that his role in making controversial statements was that of a decoy, to “distract” the opposition while Zuma “sprinted to the Union Buildings” “

Apparently Julius is very famous throughout the world, and has even received a phone call from Barack Obama. (Hint: it’s worth listening to this one!)

Here is his TV debut:

Although it’s really great to make fun of this guy, it still is an extremely dangerous guy to make jokes of. It’s like making fun of Hitler while the gas chambers were running on full speed.

Old Julius likes to break the law and drive as fast as he can, whilst endangering other people’s lives and property. (I am not too concerned about his life, for some strange reason…)

Like a real banana republic dictator he refuses to pay his speeding fines. Like most of the “revolutionary” figures in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe, he is above the law and the cops are too afraid to prosecute him for his criminal behaviour. His response to an enquiry about his speeding fines?

“I only know revolution, I don't know anything about driving.”

With people like this leading the youth of the South African masses, you can only expect the worst. It is clear that the Marxist soviet education that many of the so-called ANC heroes received during the eighties, is still alive in the hearts of these wannabe revolutionaries.

With communist-inspired comments like these, you can only but wonder when this revolution is going to take place, and against whom it will be implemented.

By the way - was South Africa not already “freed” by Mandela more than a decade ago?

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SA Expats said...

We should not take Julius lightly. Hopefully the majority of the people aren't as racist as he is.