Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who are you trying to fool?

All my devout followers have probably heard of this black dude from South Africa who dressed up as a girl and tried to run 800m in a girls contest.  He broke all kinds of girlie records in the process, and walked away with a gold medal.

The South African authorities have now delivered “proof” that he is indeed a woman:



Please, are you serious?  This looks even worse!  This looks like a black bloke in drag – something you don’t often see on the colourful streets of Soweto. 

I suspect that this bloke could be Robert Mugabe’s son.  (Or should I say “his daughter”?)


Anonymous said...

Ja-nee, wragtig!

SA Expats said...

:) She actually looks like the Williams sisters that play tennis.

Anonymous said...

Must disagree - I don't think there is any comparison (except for the skin colour). Not that the Williams sisters are in any way of imagination the most attractive players on the tennis scene.