Monday, February 15, 2010

Give me another angle please

I hate these TV shows (and even some movies) where they only use one camera during the whole production.  (For example, the series called The Office.)  They only use one camera to do the whole show, and zoom in and out like it’s some silly schoolkid garage production.

Although the show seems to be funny, I have never been able to watch it for more than 30 seconds.  Why this show is allowed on screen is a total mystery to me.  You can get drunk just by watching this crap.  It resembles some of the crappy African productions I’ve been unfortunate enough to be exposed to – just without the horribly bad childish acting, and with the presence of a slight plot somewhere in between the flashy zoom-ins and cameras floating across the floor to zoom into the other person’s face, just to zoom out again and swish around back to the other face – out of focus, of course. 

How do the editors manage to survive days and days of reviewing this junk?  Don’t they get sick all the time?  Why are people actually watching this show?  Do they put a blanket over the TV and just listen to the dialogue?

I think the government should ban shows that were made with only one camera on site.  They can cause serious mental heath issues, and kids who watch this may turn out to never have any hand-eye co-ordination - if they have the ability to focus their eyes at all.

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SA Expats said...

Lol! In this show they do it on purpose because it should have a "documentary feel."

Anyway, better stay away from Youtube then! :)