Friday, March 19, 2010

Dead bodies, toilet paper and other exciting stuff

I’ve been reading a lot lately.  Or surfing, rather.  There are some really funny things going on all around the world.  One of the creepiest stories I’ve read, was about this woman whose dead body was hidden under a mattress in a motel.

Yuck.  Just imagine how the people must feel who used this hotel room in the meanwhile – sharing the bed with a corpse, and not knowing it!  Especially the latest visitors – imagine getting into bed, only to wonder what that foul stench is that seems to linger around your nostrils?  Imagine getting up in the middle of the night trying to find the source of this aroma.  Yikes.

The bed in which the victim was located is a metal box frame which sets directly on the floor and the box springs and mattress set inside the metal frame. The room had been rented approximately five times and cleaned by the hotel staff numerous times since her death.

The next time I check into a motel I’ll make sure I check under the mattress before it gets dark. Who knows what could happen if you don’t check out all the closets and hiding spots before you get comfortable.

Then there’s a cool story about toilet paper.  This machine, although inefficient from a financial point of view, does an amazing job of turning your latest newspaper into a nice roll of White Gold at the press of a button:

As one of my mates commented when he saw this – in Africa we’ve seen an easier way of turning newspaper into toilet-paper...

I also found an article where they claim that they can make a car run on laser hydride CD’s.  Don’t believe me?  Read it here.

The novel approach is to use Laser hydride CD storage. What this means is that a hydrogen car owner will refuel their vehicle at a regular hydrogen fueling station. The compressed hydrogen fuel will flow into the car and microwaves will ionize the H2 onto CD, similar to what we would put into a CD player in which to listen to music.

And much like the process of listening to music, the device would use a laser to release the hydrogen on demand from the magnesium CD as the car needs it for fuel. The CD’s would be stacked in a series and could provide a range of over 300 miles for the average hydrogen fuel cell car.

And then I read about this criminally insane kangaroo who attacked a poor defenceless jogger in Canberra.  What’s this world coming to, if even these fluffy little animals turn to crime and violence these days?

In local politics, the heavyweights are insulting each other like it’s going out of fashion, with ex-prime ministers and MP’s joining in the brawl.  Some of the words that were slung around this week, were as follows:

…Mr Abbott quickly recovered to accuse the Rudd Government of lying to voters.  Forced to withdraw his lying charge as unparliamentary, he accused Mr Rudd of telling “grotesque untruths”.

“What a complete fake,” Mr Abbott yelled across the chamber at the Prime Minister.

"Don't stare at your notes, listen.''

“Not for nothing was he known as Dr Death in Queensland” Mr Abbott said.

Mr Rudd slammed Mr Abbott’s response, claiming he had a weather vane as a moral compass.

“He knows that the weather vane actually constitutes his moral compass. That is, whichever way it blows so then will he take the politics of his position.”

Asylum seekers were next on the agenda, with Tony Abbott blaming old Kev for the death of boat people:


Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has linked Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to the deaths of asylum seekers arriving in Australia by boat.

The opposition has resumed its attack on the government's asylum seeker polices in recent days, having branded Mr Rudd a "border protection sceptic".

Peter Costello attacked one of his own party members by saying

…Mr Abbott had taken a "Crocodile Dundee approach" to policy - a reference to a scene in the movie of the same name when Dundee was confronted by a mugger with a knife and produces a larger one, saying, 'That's not a knife, this is a knife'

Even the ladies took off the gloves:

When asked by ABC News Online whether she thought female voters would be in favour of a Gillard ascension to the top job, Ms Bishop replied: "I would see her being from the left wing of the Labor Party, truly a socialist who has taken to wearing pearls."

Then Kevin Rudd gave a cold shoulder to one of the premiers, Kristina Keneally, who is the current Labor premier of New South Wales.  (This is the same party that Mr. Rudd belongs to).  This incident caused headlines all over the country.

And there you were, thinking that Australian politics was boring?

Of course, all of this was dwarfed by a boring story of an elephant who gave birth in a zoo.  Puhleaze…

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