Sunday, January 30, 2011

The day after

Well, after all the cyclonic hoo-hah, nothing really happened.  This morning when I checked the BOM website, the category 3 cyclone had been downgraded to a severe weather warning.

This really had me worried, because the last time we had one of those, it resulted in an event where it was raining golf balls, tree trunks and wheelie bins.

But all that happened today was a warm wind blowing nowhere.  It was an awfully warm day.

It turned out kite-flying would have been a good idea, if you wanted to be barbecued by the scorching WA sun.  Clouds were nowhere to be seen.

I was in the swimming pool for most of the afternoon, and finally I saw some clouds building up from the west.  At this point it was so hot that I suspect people were actually praying for a cyclone to hit.

At least my backyard is slightly cleaner than it was before the weekend.  The stuff I left out on the verge in the hope of the cyclone cleaning it up for me, have however been left behind quite unceremoniously.

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