Friday, March 2, 2012

How to move stuff all by yourself

We recently moved house and had a bunch of friends who helped.  But after they left we still had to sort out some of our junk that needs to be thrown away/sold/given away.

As I was alone at home this morning, I made a little plan to move these massive bookshelves by myself.

I constructed a combination of the normal stand-up moving trolley and a cheap little cart that my wife used years ago when she distributed pamphlets for a little extra income.  The bookshelf was just too big to be pulled along with the blue trolley.


This is the bookshelf standing upright in the trolley, before I lowered it down on it’s side.


My next move was to lower it on it’s side so that the wheels still support one end.  Now I stuck the little cart underneath the trolley’s other end, and tied a rope to the end.


Now it was easy to pull the massive piece of wood all the way around the house.  Too easy.



Chantel said...

Slim idee nê! Ons kom 2 April na Australia. Ons het 'n 10 uur stopver in Perth en ek soek bietjie raad. As jy idees kan gee wat ons in daardie tyd kan doen, kontak my asb op Dankie

Mollers Down Under said...

Soos hulle sê, 'n boer maak 'n plan! :)

gordon said...

Hi BiltongBoer. Did you buy a house? If so, how about posting some pics. Here's a map of Aussie showing the Dutch and Anglo-British sides in 1836. Check out the Dutch and French names in West Aussie(New Holland)including Tasmania. If the Dutch settled the west side, Australia would be a different place today, and I wonder what form and accent of the dutch language they would be speaking there today?