Friday, November 14, 2008

Some assembly required

“These Romans are crazy”, Obelix would have said.

We ordered a new dining table, with 8 chairs, a coffee table and a smaller side table from Harvey Norman. (Harvey Norman is not some guy we know, it’s the name of a big store in Australia, nearly like our “Uncle in the furniture business” down in Biltongfontein.)

That was a few weeks ago. They did not have enough stock, and yesterday I got the call: my stuff is here. We were so happy about our new furniture, because we are still waiting for our container and we are borrowing from everyone we know, and using “verge collected items” for furniture.

The driver called this morning to confirm that he would be here somewhere between 10h00 and 13h00. He pitched up at 12h40. Now I know what “somewhere between 10h00 and 13h00” means...

So, these two guys park the big truck in front of my house. First they load off the chairs, then some flat boxes. I wait for the table - I wonder where the table is, but I say nothing. I don’t want to seem greedy.

By the time I pay the bill and sign the invoice, I realise that this is it - the three flat boxes are my three tables. The truck driver says: “Seeyalater mate”, and there he goes. I desperately want to tell him that I ordered a table, not a flat box, but I just shut up.

So, this is how it works - you have to assemble the stuff yourself. Here I was, thinking they would be bringing me a table, and instead they bring me a big wooden Lego set.

The Romans are crazy.


Side table

Coffee Table

Dining Table

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