Monday, June 1, 2009

Long weekend at Guilderton

A while ago I wrote about Guilderton, a little coastal town close to Perth. Well, this weekend was a long one, and I managed to book us into a great holiday home at Guilderton.

We had perfect wheather, and even swam in the ocean, even though it's officially supposed to be winter now.

The sunsets were amazing, and reminded me a lot of my ol' home country.

Great beaches

The Moore river enters the ocean at Guilderton

I also recently wrote about nuclear explosions - for some reason I seem to be arriving at this subject very often. (Maybe it's a sign.)

Anyway, we saw this cloud formation, and it looked like the North Koreans may have just missed us with one of their latest little gifts to mankind. Watching a mushroom cloud appear on the horizon proved to be a good form of family entertainment - i can really recommend it.

Quite convincing, isn't it?

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