Friday, May 29, 2009

The crazy dictator - part IIVCIIXXX

How many times will history repeat itself? Don't people learn anything from the past? Written history has documented more than 3000 years' worth of good, moral lessons. Just spend a little time and read it, it's all there.

Since Cain and Abel first started bickering, every weird kind of idiot has pitched up and thought he was the new King and Supreme Ruler.

In the recent past, there were people like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Sadam Hussein, Pol Pot, Mao Tsetung (or whatever), and so on.

Today, we still have some of these bungling idiots around. People like old Bob the Butcher Mubabwe, and this geriatric geezer who runs North Korea.

But, the joke is on us. I've read some of the world leaders' response to the nuclear bomb that North Korea tested recently. It ranges from "were deeply disturbed, and offended, to "oh, they're just little teenagers with too much time on their hands - they won't really use the Bomb".

"The suggested list includes tightening sanctions imposed in October 2006 (resolution 1718) but never really enforced. Three Pyongyang firms (Korea Mining Development Trading Corp., Korea Ryonbong General Corp. and Tanchon Commercial Bank) are on a U.N. blacklist and more may be added. Some nations also want embargoes on Pyongyang's banking ties as well as flight restrictions and travel bans on designated officials."
The United States has created the Proliferation Security Initiative, aimed at stopping ships that carry nuclear materials or other weapons of mass destruction.

As John Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told Fox News last month. "The problem for China is they're afraid if they apply to much pressure to North Korea, they'll collapse the regime entirely. There'll be reunification of the Korean peninsula, and they'll see American forces on the Yalu River. They didn't like that movie in 1950. They don't like it any better today."

This was the same response that the West gave Hitler during his early years as Fuhrer. They all decided that the Germans were a little bit crazy, but not crazy enough to start a second world war in the middle of an economic crisis. And who wants to destabilise one or two countries because of one crazy lunatic with a massive army?

Well, while the rest of the world was sleeping, this lunatic was arming his country to the teeth, and eventually managed to get everyone's attention after he practically destroyed half of the planet.

At the moment, North Korea has the fourth largest army in the world. No one cares, because Sadam used to be at Number Three at one stage of his shortened life.

So what was different in Sadam's case? Well, we all know that - OIL.

I watched a CNN special last night. The people in North Korea worship this man as if he is a god. There are golden statues of this imbecile all over North Korea, and people bow before these statues and paintings of their "beloved leader".

People with religious fanaticism like this will go to war without thinking twice.

What I am trying to say is that maybe the world's response should be a little harsher, and a little firmer. Trying to slap old Kim Jong II in the face with a tissue is not the way to force him to back off.

People like this guy respond to only one action - severe and utter violence. They're like wild animals who always need to know who is in control. The only way to make him submit is to do it by force. And keep that forceful pressure on him, because he will try out the boundaries every day.

I've read a lot of history about the second world war. One thing that is evident is the fact that Hitler continuously abused the passivity of the rest of the world in order to gain ground. He expected the west to do nothing - and he laughed about it every time. In fact, Hitler never expected England to declare war in the first place - he thought he'd just march on over Poland without firing a shot. He also abused his nation's trust and adoration - the worshipping of the Fuhrer - to make them fight a war about nothing.

Anyway, what do I know? But I think we need a really big "accident" in the middle Pyongyang - a little misguided nuclear accident. Who will ever know what really happened? This will solve a lot of problems, and the loss of lives will be less than any other option would offer.

And the same goes for Harare.

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