Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Perth rated as number 5

Perth has been rated as the 5th best city on earth to live. I've had a look at numbers 1 to 4, and I think I'll stay put.

What a blessing, to be able to move your whole family to a city that is ranked as one of the 5 best cities in the world! Australia offers 5 of the top 20 cities in the world, which I think says a lot about the country.

For some strange reason, Harare was regarded as the worst city on earth to live in. I don't know if they included Maputo, Lusaka, or Luanda, but if Harare is worse than any of them, then it really has degraded a lot.

Johannesburg gets a 92nd place, and I don't see Cape town anywhere, which is a bit unfair. I think Cape Town is the best city in Africa by far. Windhoek probably doesn't qualify as a city, because it's too small.

I think I'll be hanging around for quite a while.

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