Thursday, October 8, 2009

So much for following the rules

I previously mentioned how I had to struggle to convert my Namibian drivers licence.

Now I see there’s a much easier way.

Just tell the magistrate that you’re from Africa, and have no idea how to catch a bus, and whalla – you’ll get issued with a special licence!

Things like this really irritate me.  I had to go through hell to convert a perfectly legitimate licence, even though I’ve never even had as much as a parking fine in WA.

This guy drives under the influence, wrecks a car, assaults a police officer (which, by the way, just the other day was made punishable by going straight to jail, directly to jail, don’t pass Go, don’t collect $200?), but he gets this rap on the fingers and the “poor old sports hero” treatment.

This sucks.  I think I should get some legal advice – I’m sure there is grounds for discrimination in all of this.  I mean, if they really believe the Hey-Hey show to be repulsively racist, this must be ranked close to genocide on a mass scale.

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