Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Send in the clowns

Years ago, when kings and queens still ruled, they used to have clowns at their disposal.  The job of the clown was to entertain the royal family, and maybe even entertain the common folk too.

If the clown wasn’t funny or talented enough, he would lose his head.

In modern days, however, there is a new system.  In order for the queen to have any legitimacy in the eyes of the public, she has to reduce herself to the lower level and share a stage with a bunch of clowns.

The Clowns make a mockery of the Queen and everyone wants to see the show because the clowns are going to be there. 

The Queen has no celebrity status if she is not endorsed by these dope-smoking hippies with their silly clown suits and crappy hairstyles.

The truth of the matter is that nowadays the clowns are the rulers – they rule the crowds, they dictate even to the royal family and they have more assets than the British monarchy can ever dream of.  They also have less rules to live by – they pretty much do as they like, and no matter how immoral or inhuman their lifestyle, it is always regarded as cool and trendy. 

The old queen hangs around like a piece of furniture for the Clowns to display.

Oh, and did I mention the silly hats that those red-coated guards wear?  Maybe the queen doesn’t notice the freaks on her stage, because she is used to being surrounded by jokers in clownish costumes like this one:

If I paid someone to guard my life, I’d make sure he could see where he was going, and I’d want to be able to see if he was awake - this bloke is probably sleeping on the job?

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