Saturday, May 23, 2009


Guilderton is a small coastal town about 60km north of Perth (depending on where in Perth you live, of course). You just go North on Wanneroo road and turn off at Guilderton, or Moore river.

It reminds me of towns like Gansbaai, Uilkraal and those places on the South African coast. Lovely little holiday town, with many holiday homes and a road house with good hamburgers.
I definitely want to bring my family here for a holiday some day.

The Caravan park in Guilderton

A storm on it's way - always a waste when it rains into the sea, isn't it?

On the way back, the storms were coming for Perth again, and I took some awesome photos. I nearly got blown away by the storm winds when I got out of the car to take these shots.

I'm sure I saw a cow flying by - but it could've been my imagination...

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